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Technical Assistant (Portland, OR)

Please join our team and make a significant contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions abatement.


What we do:

Globally, televisions use the equivalent energy output of about 150 coal power plants. Pacific Crest Labs is working with leading TV manufacturers and global policymakers to reduce that by more than a third (i.e. > 50 coal power plants). We have developed the TV policy approach used by ENERGY STAR and the Department of Energy. We have also developed a computer-automated, camera-based energy efficiency test system to support this new policy approach. Our TV policy approach is on the road to international adoption, and our test kits are used internationally by leading TV manufacturers and test labs (e.g. US, UK, Korea, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico and Japan). 


About the founder:

Gregg has served as a vice president of Ecos Consulting and Ecova’s research and policy and retail utility services teams. He has also gained decades of experience in product development, marketing, operations, and general management in leading organizations including General Electric, the U.S. Air Force, Intel, and Electro Scientific Industries. At Intel, Gregg led mid-range server and performance motherboard businesses that won major awards from PC Magazine, PC World, PC Gamer and the Consumer Electronics Show Awards Committee. Gregg holds an aerospace engineering degree from Princeton University and an MBA from MIT.


About the team:

We are a three person team: Gregg and two software engineers who currently pitch-in to assemble and calibrate cameras and get test kits out the door. Gregg currently performs most operational and research and policy tasks. He looks forward to having the support of a technical assistant. 


Who we are looking for:

We are looking for someone who can help Gregg process test kit orders, assemble test kits and manage our lab. The successful candidate will have demonstrated the following abilities:


  • to solving technical problems

  • to collaborate with and be accountable to other team members

  • to make and meet commitments in the presence of uncertainty

  • to organize, track, and communicate operational data 

  • to identify and mitigate risk

  • to pay attention to detail


What you will do:

Below we provide a rough work breakdown of the tasks we will train you to do. 


  • Test System Operations 

    • Test kit sales, procurement, component inspection, inventory, assembly, shipping, invoicing, support, and accounting

    • Export and vendor qual paperwork

  • Lab

    • Test equipment maintenance 

    • Camera calibration

    • Device research and testing 

      • Research features of electronic devices

      • Conduct energy efficiency tests

      • Organize results in spreadsheets

      • Keep a lab notebook

      • Buy and sell devices to test


​You will need:


  • BS, BSE (computer science preferred)

  • A basic understanding of TV technologies and features

  • An understanding of energy and power

  • Effective written and oral communications skills

  • The ability to interact with customers

  • Commitment to continuous improvement


Chinese language skills and passport are a plus. (Korean and Japanese as well)

​​Work and Compensation:


  • This is a full-time position

  • We split work time between the lab and home as needed. In general, we offer and expect flexibility. 

  • Pay is $25/hr and up, commensurate with experience

  • This position holds the potential for advancement to the following positions:

    • research and polity consultant

    • lab and/or operations manager or director

​To Apply: 

Submit cover letter and resume/CV by email to

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