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Research Director (Portland, OR)

Please join our team and make a significant contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions abatement.


What we do:

Globally, televisions use the equivalent energy output of about 300 coal power plants. Pacific Crest Labs is working with leading TV manufacturers and global policymakers to reduce that by more than a third (i.e. > 100 coal power plants). We have developed the TV policy approach used by ENERGY STAR and the Department of Energy. It is soon to be the international standard. We have also developed a computer-automated, camera-based energy efficiency test system to support this new policy approach. Our test kits are used worldwide by leading TV manufacturers and test labs.


About the founder:

Gregg has served as a vice president of Ecos Consulting and Ecova’s research and policy and retail utility services teams. He has also gained decades of experience in product development, marketing, operations, and general management in leading organizations including General Electric, the U.S. Air Force, Intel, and Electro Scientific Industries. At Intel, Gregg led mid-range server and performance motherboard businesses that won major awards from PC Magazine, PC World, PC Gamer and the Consumer Electronics Show Awards Committee. Gregg holds an aerospace degree from Princeton University and an MBA from MIT.


Who we are looking for:

Right now, we are a three person team supported by technical advisors. We are looking for an experienced manager who can cite specific examples of the follow capabilities:

  • to accept responsibility and deliver results with little oversight

  • to solve complex technical and policy problems that require collaboration with external vendors and customers

  • to organize, track, and communicate operational data and R&D status

  • to make and meet commitments in the presence of uncertainty

  • to proactively identify and mitigate risk

  • to achieve breakthrough results

A successful candidate might be a mid or late career hi-tech or scientific professional with management and python coding skills who is looking for an impact-focused job in a small business setting. We do not expect to find a candidate who has experience in all of these job functions. 


The work you will manage:

Below we provide a rough work breakdown. The percentages shown below are a rough estimate. 

  • Test System R&D 

    • Manage python code base

    • Keep documentation up to date

    • Resolve hardware and software technical problems

  • Policy Research to Expand Approach to Computer Monitors and Commercial Displays

    • Research energy-determining features 

    • Conduct energy efficiency tests

    • Organize results in spreadsheets

    • Keep a detailed lab notebook

    • Prepare charts and reports that describe the test results and methodology

    • Review policy history (e.g. past test method)

    • Propose new methods and metrics


​You will need:

  • BS, BSE, MS, MEng, MBA or PhD.

  • Python coding experience. 

  • An understanding of electronic devices, components (e.g. processors), features, and how people use these devices.

  • An understanding of energy, power, and unit conversion.

  • Effective written and oral communications skills.

  • The ability to interact with customers.

  • Commitment to continuous improvement.

  • The ability to achieve results, work independently, tolerate ambiguity, manage uncertainty, learn, solve problems, and keep others informed and aligned.

​​Work and Compensation:

Pay is commensurate with experience. Target salary for an experienced candidate is about $150,000. 

​To Apply: 

You must submit cover letter and resume/CV by email to

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