Pacific Crest Labs Position: Energy Efficiency Analyst (Portland, OR)

Please join our team and help us set the direction for Television energy efficiency policy worldwide.


What we do:

Globally, televisions use the equivalent energy output of about 100 coal power plants. Pacific Crest Labs is working with leading TV manufacturers and global policymakers to reduce that by 10-20% (i.e. 10-20 coal power plants). To do this, we have developed a computer automated test method that much more accurately measures energy efficiency, and we lead or support technical policy making teams in the U.S., Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Most other countries follow the lead of the U.S. or Europe, so our work is setting the direction for TV policy worldwide. Also gearing up to study standby power use of Tesla's. 


Who we are looking for:

We are seeking an Energy Efficiency Research Analyst to manage and lead the research and analysis of electronic devices.


What you will do:

  • Lab and field power measurement of electronic products

    • Conduct power measurements of electronic devices

    • Organize results in spreadsheets

    • Prepare charts and reports that describe the test results and methodology

    • Buy and sell devices to test

    • Maintain power meters and other lab equipment

    • Keep lab organized

  • Surveys

    • Conduct on-line surveys using Amazon Mechanical Turk and/or other tools

    • Interact with participants via email

    • Organize results in spreadsheets

  • Research features of TVs and other consumer electronics


Who you are:

Able to conduct testing, analyze data, and summarize the results in tables, charts and reports which requires a broad skillset. You will need:

  • Solid understanding of electronic devices, components (e.g. processors), features, and how people use these devices.

  • A basic understanding of energy, power, and unit conversion.

  • Effective written and oral communications skills.

  • Able to work independently, tolerate ambiguity, learn, solve problems, and make and meet commitments.

  • Commitment to continuous improvement.

  • A Focus on results.

  • B.S. or B.S.E. (preferred)


To Apply: 

Submit cover letter, resume/CV, and sample work product by email to ghardy(at)pacificcrestlabs(dot)com.