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Inspired by the natural abundance of the Cascade and Sierra Nevada mountains, Pacific Crest Labs is committed to exploring accelerated pathways to a renewable energy future with a focus on developing innovative research and policy approaches to improve device and system-level energy efficiency and load shifting. Pacific Crest Labs offers NGO, utility and government clients almost 30 years of high tech, research and policy experience. Our lab capability includes a Chroma power supply, a Tektronix power analyzer, and precision light meters to perform low-power measurements of consumer electronics devices to exacting international standards.

Based in Portland, OR at the intersection of thriving sustainability and high-tech communities, Pacific Crest Labs fosters a culture based on client focus, innovative problem solving, accountability, and a commitment to energy efficiency and clean energy abundance. Pacific Crest Labs is proud to prioritize people, planet and profits.

Gregg Hardy
Founder and Principal
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As founder of Pacific Crest Labs, Gregg directs research activities and product testing. Gregg has served as a vice president of Ecova’s research and policy and retail utility services teams. He has also gained decades of experience in product development, marketing, operations, and general management in leading organizations including General Electric, the U.S. Air Force, Intel, and Electro Scientific Industries. At Intel, Gregg led mid-range server and performance motherboard businesses that won major awards from PC Magazine, PC World, PC Gamer and the Consumer Electronics Show Awards Committee. Gregg holds an aerospace degree from Princeton University and an MBA from MIT. 

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