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Recent Projects

In 2019, our third year in business, Pacific Crest Labs continues to make significant research and policy contributions to our growing list of clients—including NGOs, utilities, international governments, and U.S. state and federal agencies. Topics range from personal computers, computer servers, uninterruptible power supplies, game consoles, set-top boxes, small networking equipment, televisions, smart appliances, and internet of things. Policy approaches include horizontal and vertical state, federal and international minimum efficiency performance standards (MEPS); voluntary agreements; international test methods; voluntary labeling; and utility incentive, market transformation and capacity market programs. Research tools include market, technical and policy analysis, field surveys, and lab, field and retail testing. 

TV Ecosystem

Soon to be published research by Pacific Crest Labs will show the extent to which TV standby power can be impacted by smart home connectivity. 

Set-top Boxes

Pacific Crest Labs works with industry, utilities and NGOs to make set-top boxes more energy efficient. Set-top boxes use the equivalent energy output of 8 average coal plants; that's down from 11 just a few years ago. We expect the trend to continue as industry makes further advances in energy efficiency and as smart TV apps replace set-top boxes. 

TV Test Method Development

Pacific Crest Labs has developed a novel approach to measuring power consumption of an array TV's organized in a test farm for the purpose of developing a 4K, High Dynamic Range (HDR) test clip to be standardized by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and adopted by DOE, European Commission and other international policymakers. 


Inspired by the natural abundance of the Cascade and Sierra Nevada mountains, Pacific Crest Labs is committed to exploring accelerated pathways to a renewable energy future with a focus on developing innovative research and policy approaches to improve device and system-level energy efficiency and load shifting. Pacific Crest Labs offers NGO, utility and government clients almost 30 years of high tech, research and policy experience. Our lab capability includes a Chroma power supply, a Tektronix power analyzer, and precision light meters to perform low-power measurements of consumer electronics devices to exacting international standards.

Based in Portland, OR at the intersection of thriving sustainability and high-tech communities, Pacific Crest Labs fosters a culture based on client focus, innovative problem solving, accountability, and a commitment to energy efficiency and clean energy abundance. Registered in the state of Oregon as a B-corporation, Pacific Crest Labs is proud to prioritize people, planet and profits.