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Recent Projects


TV Policy Breakthroughs

PCL has achieved major TV energy efficiency policy milestones in 2021. With multi-year funding provided by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), PCL has developed an innovative approach to measuring and grading TV energy efficiency. This new approach assesses how efficiently TVs display video content relative to both screen area and now screen-average dynamic-luminance. The latter is measured with a new camera-photometer test kit developed by PCL. The system also automates testing and compliance report generation. In addition to this On Mode policy innovation, PCL has developed a new standby test method that measures power when the TV is configured to wake to a "smart wake" command. Smart wake enables customers to wake their TV when casting a streaming video from their smart phone to their TV for example. 

The PCL policy approach to TVs has been accepted by the ENERGY STAR® program and industry standards bodies. With input form the industry workgroup, the PCL test method is now a national standard: ANSI/CTA-2037-C. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) plans to review it in early 2022 for consideration as the international standard test method for TVs. IEC members awarded PCL the prestigious IEC 1906 Award, which recognized only 3 out of over 400 technical experts that participate in technical standard setting for multimedia products. 



Inspired by the natural abundance of the Cascade and Sierra Nevada mountains, Pacific Crest Labs is committed to exploring accelerated pathways to a renewable energy future with a focus on developing innovative research and policy approaches to improve device and system-level energy efficiency and load shifting. Pacific Crest Labs offers NGO, utility and government clients almost 30 years of high tech, research and policy experience. Our lab capability includes a Chroma power supply, a Tektronix power analyzer, and precision light meters to perform low-power measurements of consumer electronics devices to exacting international standards.

Based in Portland, OR at the intersection of thriving sustainability and high-tech communities, Pacific Crest Labs fosters a culture based on client focus, innovative problem solving, accountability, and a commitment to energy efficiency and clean energy abundance. 



3470 NW Thurman St

Portland, OR 97210

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