TV Test System Software

You can download the latest version of the TV Energy Assessment System Software (v3.18.4) here: Download TV Energy Assessment System v3.18.4

To install the software, unzip the file, navigate to "TV EASY Installer", and run "Install.exe" as Administrator.

If you do not run the installer as administrator, you will need to navigate to the installation folder and run "install_scripts.bat" as administrator following the initial installation.

This link will be updated as new updates are released.

3.18.4 (March 18, 2021)

  • Now uses NEEA-recommended compliance formulae with some explanations in the report.

  • New tests will also generate a "rerun_report.bat" file that can be used to re-run the report generation scripts on the given folder. You can copy this file to an old folder to generate a new report for that folder.

  • Detect partial/incomplete runs on tests stopped partway through

  • Addition of hover-tooltips to UI buttons that might need further explanation

  • Small changes to prompt formats and button text

  • Removal of extraneous CCF prompt

  • Added standby_guide.pdf, link in software during standby setup stage

  • Added Repeat Test option for running the same test, but writing data to new folder

  • Data folders are now timestamped, preventing duplicates.

3.18.3 (Feb 25, 2021):

  • Improved error handling for mid-test camera and power meter disconnect

  • Clarification of some prompts, additional instructions on some screens

  • Additional data entry validation in test setup

  • Continued improvements to installation/uninstallation process

  • Generated report now uses NEEA-proposed compliance calculation formulae

  • Renamed software to TV Energy Assessment System

Manual Script examples: Download Manual Script Examples

Preliminary test methods supported by PCL require the presence of typical multicast packets on the network; we recommend the use of Packet Sender

Packet sender packet config file: Download


Common Troubleshooting Tips (error codes and alarm messages) will be populated here.

Versions prior to 3.18.2 will exhibit some issues with report generation and Load Previous Test functionality. We recommend updating to the latest software to resolve these issues.

You may see Data Logger errors when opening the software for the first time, before the software communicates with your devices. If the devices are configured correctly, these errors should not persist after they establish a connection.

To report a bug or ask for help technical support, please contact or use the form below.

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